Approximate Running Time: 10 minutes

Minimum Group Size: 4 people

Maximum Group Size: 100 + (as many people as you can provide place-markers for)

Age/ Level: Grade 4+

Space Required: Enough space for all participants to stand and move around in lines of 4-8 people


– 1 place-marker per person. This may be: polydots, pieces of paper, foam, pylon, etc.



Participants will be divided into even-numbered groups of up to 8 participants each. Each group requires a number of place-markers, one per participant. The place-markers should be lined up in a straight line. If the group is large, the lines should be set up side by side.



The objective for this activity is for the group to communicate and collaborate to determine a strategy and solve a physical/ mental puzzle using their bodies and a set of place-markers.


Facilitator Guidelines:

1.  Begin by having the participants line up in their groups, next to a line of space-markers (which were previously set up).

2. Each group must split into two groups. There should be an even number of participants on each side of an empty       place- marker. The groups will look like this, depending on the number of participants:


1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
  1. The objective of the activity is for each half of the group to reach the opposite side of the line from their starting point, by switching places with the other half of their group (ones to twos and twos to ones, etc)
  2. In order for participants to complete the challenge they must follow these guidelines:– Participants must always look forward, towards the other half of their group (i.e. ones must look at twos, twos must    look at ones)– Participants may only move forward (towards the opposite side of their group)– Participants may only move forward if there is an empty space in front of them, and if there is an empty space in front of the person in front of them.

    – While participating in the activity participants must not step off of their space-markers.

    – If anyone fails to follow the guidelines, everyone must restart the activity.


    General Debrief Questions

    How did your group solve the puzzle and complete the challenge?

    What was the hardest part?

    How did you feel you did personally?

    How could you have been a better team mate?

    How did you support your team mates?

    How did your group communicate?

    What did you learn from this activity





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