China Programs

Let’s experience the diversity of China today. Explore remote areas and booming cities, and learn about the current development issues and dramatic changes that China has gone through in recent history. As students travel across locations in China, hiking beyond roads and learning about life of the local people, we will witness the amazing capacity of people in China to adjust and adapt. And with each new experience we take on, we challenge ourselves to do the same.

Winter Compass Quest

Location: Yunan, China
Duration: 7 days
Participants: 20 people (x years old and up)
Skills: Personal development, Community building

Winter Compass Quest allows students to reflect on their life as they are nearing the end of their academic journey. The program is set in several picturesque locations in Yunnan province. 

Students travel to ethnic villages by bike and experience cooking traditional food. They will challenge their own limit and experience hiking on the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

With the support of our expert JUMP! facilitators, students will explore their passion and are encouraged to think globally, in a location that personifies the rich diversity of China.

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