Students Program

Designed for school educators, these programs recapture your enthusiasm for innovative education at school. We tackle life and school challenges, and support you in rediscovering your passion. You’ll learn from the best — our expert JUMP! facilitators — who will guide you every step of the way and encourage you to use your knowledge and skills with confidence and clarity.

Experiential Education Training

Duration: 1-3 days
Skills: Experiential Education

Start your experiential education journey here! We create a space for you to learn how experiential education can enrich your teaching style, and how to put it into action in the classroom.

Experiential Education Summit

Duration: 1-3 days
Skills: Experiential Education, Collaboration

Connect with educators from across the world to learn and share best practice in experiential education. We empower you with new methods for a more engaging and fun classroom experience for your students.

Global Citizenship Education Training

Duration: 1-3 days
Skills: Global Citizenship

Learn innovative tools to easily integrate global citizenship into the school curriculum. We develop resources and activities for you to support your students reflect on the world they live in, as well as discover how they can create a positive impact in the community.

Global Citizenship Education Summit

Duration: 1-2 days
Skills: Global Citizenship, Collaboration

Acquire knowledge from experts and learn about global citizenship. Educators will depart the summit with tangible steps to improve their education in global citizenship through shared experience and new partnerships.

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