This March, JUMP! ran an INSPIRE leadership program with over 150 students at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was an amazing experience for the JUMP! team!  One of the rockstar GIS students, Somila Khanna, shares a bit of her experience with JUMP! here! 


My name is Somila Khanna, and I study at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur. I am privileged to say that JUMP! was an experience that I happily gained knowledge from, about myself and about my classmates.

I feel that out of all the leadership courses our school so generously lets us go on, JUMP! was the best. I feel that I have learnt more about myself and my goals and ambitions. Throughout the two days, I learned more than I thought I would. JUMP! was different.

With JUMP!, my class and I did various activities that enabled us to step out of our comfort zones and get to know each other better. It taught me that others are going through what I am going through, including confusion and bewilderment about our futures, and what we should do in the future. After JUMP!, I gained a profound strength that now enables me to stand as an individual and think about decisions I want to make for my future.

After JUMP! and before JUMP!, my awareness about my passions and dreams was at a bare minimum; I think the activities we did, and the surveys we took about who we are and what our passions are, enabled me to really make a change. I have become more interested in the universities I want to go to and the types of activities I have to enroll myself into in order to get a high standard qualification. I also found that listing down people who inspire me guides me to the right path, as they show me how they handled situations and planned their futures.

I found the Growth Mountain/Peak a very interesting activity. It taught me what I am afraid of and what my strengths are. It also taught me that there are others that have the same types of strengths and weaknesses that I do.

JUMP! has taught me to look at things with a positive attitude, that every thing has a good side and a bad side. In order to enjoy my life and stay happy, I need to forgive and forget. It has also taught me that even if I am feeling low, I need to think positive thoughts and change that negativity into something optimistic and cheerful. Taking time to evaluate and reflect on everything I do is the first step to handling and taking care of the situation.

Overall, if you are someone looking to get inspired, or someone in need of an epiphany, I think JUMP! is the thing for you. JUMP! has helped me a lot! I am quite sure it has helped other people in my school as well. Thanks to JUMP!, I now know who I am and who I want to be.

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