JUMP! Camping Experience

From June 3-6, 2012, 9 students from the International School Beijing, JUMP! Facilitators Jacqueline and Justin and chaperone Mr. Jogi set off on a 4-day, 3-night hiking trip.  The trip saw them stay overnight in a homestay in Cuandixia village, peak Huang Cao Liang, camp on the Great Wall, cook over camp stoves, trek through grasslands where horses were grazing and (almost) reach the peak of Lingshan – the tallest mountain in Beijing.  Hiking 15km of mountain terrain with a 50 pound backpack was physically challenging, but an unforgettable experience for all those involved.

ISB student Kimberly Liu took some time to gather quotes about the experience from the other students. Check them out below!


“Somewhere among the New Zealand sheep and Swiss highlands we came upon in the far away mountainous regions of Beijing, we all found pieces of who we are under the layers of Apple computers and mascara grit, which we were all able to shed for those few days. It’s interesting to experience the strands that can weave together when people in a group are stripped down to their most basic colours.”   – Kimm

“This trip was incredibly inspirational and allowed me to understand myself better. It boosted collaboration and teamwork among the students and really helped shape us as a team.” – Minna

“While this trip was physically intense, I learned so much about my personal limits, physical and otherwise. I feel like I know my teammates so much better, and this trip has been my favorite China Link experience by far.” – Cameron


“The combination of such exquisite and overwhelming scenery, peaceful and arduous hikes, humorous and inspirational facilitators, and an amazing group of students brought a wonderful synergy to the experience that has truly been a highlight of this year. This trip not only challenged my physical strength, but also taught me more about myself, and allowed my friendships to grow with others. I will remember my time with JUMP! for years to come!” – Esther

“When you think of Beijing, you visualize illuminated sky-scrapers, flat man-made terrain, and synthetics. What we found when we trekked was a world apart. JUMP! took us away from the walks of ‘normal’ urban life and brought us back to the basics.” – Angelique

“Who knew Beijing has such intense mountains? This trip threw me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow.” – David



“A great trip with great people who worked together to make this an experience that I’ll cherish.” – Matt

“It was absolutely great getting to know everyone through the physical hardships because we built that camaraderie.” – Leon

 *Special appreciation to Jogs [Mr. Jogi], who worked hard to make this all happen, and who hiked those 15 km with ten times the amount of knee pain we had, yet not a sign of discouragement, nor a word of complaint.

If you would like to see more pictures click here!


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