JUMP! Experiences

Discover students’ ability to impact the world through experiential education.

Build personal, community and global leadership skills with JUMP!’s life-changing adventure programs.

Our programs are interactive and empowering learning experiences. We take students outside the classroom and their comfort zones to build on their personal growth and leadership skills. We create outdoor activities that are focused on environmental conservation, cultural awareness and other global issues.

Every program we develop is rooted in experiential education— which means “learning from experience or learning by doing”—and tailored to meet the needs of the students and your school. Our program enalbes students to acquire a deeper sense of self, a better insight into their passion, and the motivation and skills to be actively engaged community members and global citizens.

Regardless of the adventure program your students take, there is a JUMP! program that is right for them. Get in touch with us, email info@jumpfoundation.org.

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