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Our Mission is to Empower Global Citizens through Experiential Education.

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JUMP! Development

Empowering youth from all backgrounds to create lasting personal, community, and global change.

JUMP! is a non-profit social enterprise that links youth from underprivileged areas with international resources.

JUMP! envisions a world where young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders, and global citizens. This applies to all youth, regardless of background or circumstance. As a non-profit social enterprise, 10% of all program fees go directly into the J!Development Fund, supporting projects internationally. Since 2008, over $120,000 has been raised through our programs to fund projects in Haiti, Nicaragua, The Dominican Republic, Kenya, China and South Africa.

How Can You Create Global Citizens?

At JUMP! we’ve found the best approach to be through experiential learning – that is why for over 11 years we’ve specialized in partnering with organizations, developing in-school and out of school activities, and implementing life-changing programs.

At the heart of what we do is the drive to create shared perspectives and responsible adults. We help create future leaders, ready to meet any challenge with grace.
All of our Facilitators are vetted and trained in order to deliver the very best experience to participants – whether students, educators, or corporate executives.
As a social enterprise, JUMP! assigns surplus from all its programs to designing, developing and implementing development projects for underprivileged youth.
We believe in the United Nations  – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You can find the spirit of sustainability throughout all aspects of our organization and programs.
It takes a team to build the experiences that we do. We’re made up of a population of critical thinkers, and innovators that are experts in what they do.
As a long standing and respected Foundation we practice honesty and transparency. We are always on the look out for the next educational partner who wants us to supplement an already great curriculum.
You’ll Love Our Programs
Check out our JUMP! Yogyakarta Urban Exploration program, where Stamford American International School 7th graders explored a vital part of history in South and Southeast Asia.
We’ll Come to You

Schools we’ve worked with: NIST, Ivanhoe, International School of Beijing, Thammasat, and Stamford International School.

We’ve worked with thousands of students, educators, and institutions into the school environment. Bringing transformative learning for sustained change.

We’ll Take You There

Locations we love: Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Laos, and more!

With a focus on Asia, we specialize in bespoke educational experiences worldwide. Priding ourselves on long-term relationships and outstanding feedback.

We Partner with Organizations

Click here to view our map of our leadership conferences.

We bring our experts to train your key change makers – leading to long lasting benefits to the local communities they serve. This is what our main purpose at JUMP! is.

Our Numbers

Lives Changed

Students Inspired

Educators Supported

Countries Covered

Organizations We Work With

We are proud to be connected with other organizations that share our vision for a globally focused future.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If so, our team is always happy to get an email or phone call. For the most common questions, we’ll try to cover them in the sections below:

What is The JUMP! Foundation?
JUMP! is a non–profit social enterprise that works to inspire, empower, and engage individuals in leadership development, community building, and global citizenship education.
Who is On Your Team?

Starting in 2006, our focus has always been on empowering global citizens. Today, every member of our team is filled with that same passion. From our Directors, Facilitators, and even our Financial Team – we are dedicated to create a more connected and socially minded world. But don’t take our word for it, meet our team.

What Does JUMP! Do?
We develop several types of programs at JUMP! These include in school programs – experience programs around the world – and developmental programs. To learn more about each of these click here.
Do You Have Any Job Openings?
We may or may not have any open positions now – the only way to check is on our Careers Page. Please go through the process laid out there, sending us an email often slips through the cracks.

JUMP! Foundation

Since 2006 we've been leaders in experiential education and are proud of our sustainable focus and development accomplishments.


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