Hi, I’m Sha. Last year I was a language mentor in 2011 summer program. This year, I have really JUMPED into this team and work with JUMP! staff and APSA scholars as the logistics manager.

First of all, let me introduce myself to everyone. I am a Beijinger, with a pure Beijing accent. (If anyone has some questions about Chinese, I would love to answer you. Just email me) I graduated from the Northeast Forestry University, in the icy city of Harbin (a reason why I have chosen the University of Florida to further my studies). I love swimming, talking, shopping and watching movies. The latest movie I saw is the Avengers. (so amazing!). My favorite TV series is Criminal Minds.

Secondly, I want to tell you why I have JUMPED in. I always have a lot of funny stories and jokes in my brain, but I struggle to express them in English. I wanted to improve my English skills and try to talk to as many foreigners as possible. This lead me to discover JUMP’s program with American’s Promoting Study Abroad and I volunteered. This is definitely a wonderful start; all of the scholars in the program were nice to me. Last year, we enjoyed an amazing summer together. Through daily talking, I have seen Beijing from a foreigner’s perspective. I love helping the scholars improve Chinese, and that’s why I want to JUMP in to help more students become international citizens.

Jin Sha and Liz with accidental matching outfits at the JUMP! office

On top of these, JUMP! has an open and positive working environment, which makes me willing to work here and makes the work much more enjoyable. We are like a big family, waiting for the new summer scholars to JUMP in. As the logistics manager, I make sure everything runs smoothly. I’m looking forward more people to learn about JUMP and to JUMP in!


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