Hello JUMP! Community!

This past Tuesday, members of the JUMP! Beijing team took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day away from laptops, cell phones, and the office space. We came together in Jingshan Park and dedicated ourselves to personal and professional development. With the Forbidden City as backdrop and Beijing’s tourists bearing witness, we engaged in team activities ranging from the goofy and physical to the deeply powerful and personally challenging. We celebrated the past, appreciated the present, and looked ahead to the future, all the while deepening interpersonal connections, enhancing self-awareness, and having a ton of fun in the sun. Throw in a feast of dumplings and an afternoon discussion over glasses of perfectly chilled iced tea and we consider the day a huge success.

Today it’s back to work as usual (although referencing any JUMP! workday as ‘usual’ is a stretch); the cell phones are out, the emails have piled up, and laptops are running full tilt. Though we’ve all hit the ground running and are busy catching up, keeping up, and getting ahead, there’s a subtle yet tangible increase in the energy of our communal space.

Too often deadlines, targets, and organizational goals are met at a cost to personal and interpersonal needs. We consider our staff to be JUMP!’s most valuable asset and we’re glad to have taken some time to direct our focus accordingly.

To those reading this, it is our sincere hope to have provided the impetus that you may take some time, individually or as a team, to relax, refocus, and facilitate a return to the tasks and responsibilities of life with renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and productivity.


All our best,


-The JUMP! Team

PS. Be sure to check out all the photos from our staff retreat on our FB page: The JUMP Foundation!

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