Students Program

We bring out the best in young people! We create a space for students to revisit perspectives of themselves, their peers and their community. Our Student Programs enhance students’ confidence and ability to face future challenges. Through our innovative and fun activities, we challenge students to gain a broader understanding and appreciation for their community, and provide them with opportunities to exercise personal leadership.

Community Day

Duration: 1-2 days
Skills: Community Education, Personal Discovery

Build a tightly knit community of learners who value, respect and have compassion for others. We deliver energetic and interactive programs to your students that will enhance their view of and role in the community.

Grade-Level Leadership Program

Duration: 1-7 days
Skills: Leadership, Communications, Collaboration

We create activities to help Grade 4 to 12 students identify their own leadership style. Students will leave the program with new knowledge to boost their self-awareness, confidence and leadership skills.

Teaspoons of Change Workshop

Duration: 1-2 days
Skills: Global Citizenship, Personal Discovery

Get inspired by global educator d’Arcy Lunn’s Teaspoons of Change and develop a mindset that all our decisions and actions have an impact on people and the plane

Small Group Leadership Program

Duration: 1-2 days
Skills: Leadership

Inspire students to be effective leaders. We develop tools and activities for students to put their leadership skills into action at school, in their own lives and beyond.

Junior Facilitator Training

Duration: 2-5 days
Skills: Facilitation, Leadership

Empower students to be effective facilitators. We create a space for students to learn facilitation, how it can improve their leadership style, and how to put it into action at school and in their personal lives.

International Baccalaureate Leadership Retreat

Duration: 2-7 days
Skills: Leadership, Community Building

Inspire students to explore their passion and equip them with leadership skills for a successful international baccalaureate program. Students leave the retreat with knowledge and practical skills to help them get the most out of their learning.

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