“The future belongs to those who are willing to get their hands dirty”

Determined to create positive change, Hong Kong’s Chinese International School students took the initiative to organize the recent JUMP! Community Enrichment Program at their high school. With previous experience hosting the Global Issues Network Youth Conference in 2010, CIS students have already showcased their inherent talent to take charge and effect change. Armed with their previous experience and a deep understanding of global issues, 20 students from CIS gathered together on the weekend to strengthen their leadership skills and broaden their sense of community. JUMP! Facilitators, Justin Bedard and Liz Heller worked with the JUMP! Team of program developers, to tailor a two-day intensive training course to meet the learning objectives outlined by the CIS students. The outcome was possibly the most rewarding experience for students and facilitators alike.

Taking learning into their own hands

JUMP! is… “an extraordinary experience, inspiration, and opportunity which empowers students, such as myself, to take initiative.” CIS Participant, Grade 11





CIS Students took charge by communicating their personal expectations and using the tools presented by JUMP! Facilitators to harness their own learning potential. The students varied from year 10 to 12 and brought their individual experiences to the forefront by sharing their knowledge and opinions on leadership, teamwork and community. Each participant had a unique experience, but the bonding and collective growth that took place transformed the entire group into a powerful team.

“The Jump program definitely altered my perceptions of leadership. It primarily taught me that leadership is not merely the act of directing or guiding a group; but more accurately, the act of knowing what type of team member your group needs you to be.” CIS Participant, Grade 11

“[The JUMP! Program] has motivated and challenged me as a person to take my leadership one step further and to reach not only my school community, but the global society.” CIS Participant, Grade 10

“The individual and collective transformation that took place in two days was astonishing. The CIS students showed their personal dedication and drive by being the most focused and engaged students I’ve worked with. The amount of information that was covered during this program was nothing short of amazing and I feel each student put forth a wondrous effort to maximize their own learning. Surely, their enthusiasm and new set of tools will ignite powerful projects – of which I am eager to pay witness.” –Jen De Rose, JUMP! Facilitator

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