NIST High School Level 1 Leadership Program

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This week, JUMP! is running a Community Enrichment Program at New International School Thailand (NIST) in Bangkok, Thailand. This particular community enrichment program encompasses a two-day High School Level 1 Personal Leadership workshop, a one-day High School Level 2 Community Leadership workshop, a one-day Educator Training program, a one-day Visioning Session with Educators, and a one-day JUMP! Middle School Workshop with 100 6th graders.

As you can imagine, with the above schedule it has been an extremely busy week so far. Tomorrow is our last day at NIST; the day will be spent running the Middle School program. This being my first JUMP! Schools program, I have been taking in a breadth of knowledge and learning a lot of new skills as an Assistant JUMP! Facilitator this week.

Having come onto the JUMP! team in July of this year, I was a facilitator along with 8 other JUMP! staff for the summer experience we ran in Beijing with American high school students. The summer ended and we have jumped full speed into our planning and organizing for the fall season. We are completely booked with programs until November. My role with the JUMP! Foundation, among other things, is a program developer. So, coming to Bangkok and observing and working with Justin on a JUMP! Schools Program first hand has been an invaluable experience for me.

The programs we just completed for the NIST high school students on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were incredibly successful. I can say very confidently that every one of the students left the workshop feeling empowered and inspired to become better leaders in their school and community.

Written by Liz Heller, Assistant JUMP! Facilitator

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