October 3rd marks the official launch of the The JUMP! Global Leadership Center! (GLC). The JUMP! team is extremely happy and proud to present this new center as a regional hub for youth, facilitators, educators and social entrepreneurs in South East Asia. The purpose of the center is to promote and provide resources and guidance for:

  • Experiential Education: Philosophy, Pedagogy, Activities and Games

  • Experiential Education Curriculum Design

  • Professional Development

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Community Building and Community Development

  • Global Issues Network

  • Global Citizenship Education

  • Educational Reform and Innovation

See the GLC video:

This initiative derives from a longer and more comprehensive partnership with the well-established international school in the heart of Bangkok, the New International School of Thailand (NIST). The new center exemplifies the strong ties JUMP! is building with international schools all around the world and is a step towards JUMP! becoming an on-campus global resource for experiential learning. Partnering with an international school such as NIST means JUMP! will gain a more profound and defined relationship and understanding of its pupils and educators which ultimately gives JUMP! more room and space to innovate and reform itself.

Besides being a center of resources and guidance, the JUMP! Global Leadership Center will host a range of Professional Development Trainings for educators, facilitators, and social entrepreneurs which include the following:

  • School Professional Development Training

  • Facilitator Training: Become a  Facilitator

  • Innovation Education Lunch: gathering and discussion on innovative education practices and ways to inspire, empower and engage youth

JUMP! Global Leadership Center will also host JUMP! Programs for students including :

  • Fall 2013 – J! INSPIRE Leadership Program

  • Spring 2014 – J! EMPOWER Leadership Program

  • Summer 2014 – J! Global Nomad Experiences:

  • China Cultural and Social Enterprise Program  (6 weeks)

  • Northern Thailand Refugee and Development Program (3 weeks)

  • Cape Town Adventure and Development Program (3 weeks)

We believe this is a solid step towards inspiring, empowering and engaging youth, facilitators, educators and social entrepreneurs globally. To find out more about The JUMP! Global Leadership Center or any of the JUMP! Programs; please contact JUMP! at

JUMP! Foundation

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